10 Easy Skincare Tips & Tricks

Nina Sljivo, Copywriter, Flawless by Friday


            So a few weeks ago you read about my sob skin story. I’m back again this week to provide you with my own set of personal tips and tricks that have helped my (sensitive) skin stay as clear as possible. They’re super easy, hard to forget and you’ve probably heard them about a million times before, so here’s one more reminder! Bare in mind that some of these tips may not apply to you, so take what applies to you and run with it. But if your skin is anything like mine, then these 10 easy tips will make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.  

  1. Water, water, water. Keep your skin hydrated. Its your largest organ!
  1. Careful what you’re putting into your body. It’ll show itself on the outside. Dairy and greasy foods are satan for me.
  1. Change and wash your pillow cases often to avoid dirt and oil from your hair interacting with your skin.
  1. Shower ASAP after a workout. Sweating it out is great but if the sweat lingers on your skin for too long, acne can pop up, not only on your face but on your back and chest as well (I know this is gross but it happens people!)
  1. Sunscreen is crucial. Apply every single day to protect your skin from the sun and it’ll help prevent acne scars from going darker (if you’ve got em).
  1. Wash your hands often and be careful not to touch your face when they are - espeeeecially if you’re commuting and using public transit.
  1. Clean your brushes. Technically you should be cleaning them on the daily but let’s be real, you probably won't get around to it. Next best thing? Weekly, at least once. And if you can’t commit to that, do a super deep clean once a month. Your skin may suffer the consequences if you don't.
  1. Don’t pick at acne or scabs of any sort. It’ll turn into a scar. Resist the urge! 
  1. Use the right skincare products for your skin. Spend some time and do your research. Your skin is unique, so find the ways in which you can keep it healthy and fresh.
  1. This last tip is courtesy of Molly - our lovely in-house chemist! When applying eye cream, play the piano on your under eyes to help with wrinkles and pad the under eyes to aid with puffiness. Pretty sure you haven't heard that tip before!

And there you have it! 10 really easy tips you can start doing today…like right now…no seriously…go get a glass of water and check #1 off the list…do it.


Stay flawless and see you next week!