5 Tips to Get That Summer Glow

Iman Said, Social Media Content Manager 

At last, summer is finally here and we can say bye to the days of dry, flaky skin and welcome a fresh dewy skin and a bronzed glow. Unfortunately, these changes don’t happen like clockwork and a safe summer glow comes with a bit of maintenance. Here are my 5 tips to get that dewy summer glow! 


  • This is often the most underrated yet essential part of getting a fresh dewy complexion. Lack of exfoliation results in a build up of dead skin cells which leads to a dull looking complexion and uneven skin texture. While opting for a physical scrub is the most common way to exfoliate, a chemical exfoliator is safer and only removes the initial layer of dead skin cells.

Embrace Masks

  • Now that you’re exfoliating diligently, the next step is to start embracing masks, masks help plump up and hydrate the skin on a more immediate basis. So while it can’t replace your entire skincare regime it can give your skin the boost of concentrated benefits to minimize time and maximize your results. They work smarter, not harder and if that doesn’t sound good not sure what does. 

Protect With SPF

  • Now this might be an unconventional piece of advice if you’re looking for a glow, but sun damage can make the skin appear very dull and lackluster. So while that 40-minute bake session under the scorching hot sun sounds tempting be sparing with the tanning (fake it till you make it).

Get Your Base Right

  • Now that you’re (somewhat) finished with the skincare, the next step is to use a primer. A primer will not only help your makeup last longer when it actually wants to melt off, it can also provide you with the finish you’re looking for depending on your skin type and concerns. For the sake of the glow, a luminizing primer is ideal so that your base can show through your makeup and appear like a “maybe-she’s-born-with-it” glow from within.

Mix Your Foundation With Your Moisturizer

  • Last but not least is makeup. Summer often makes even the smallest amount of makeup feel like too much in a lot of heat. That being said, levels of coverage are pretty personal so whatever you’re comfortable leaving the house with is entirely up to you. If you normally wear a matte foundation and you want it to have a dewy (not oily) finish for summer, mixing part of your foundation with your moisturizer is a great way to give it a bit more natural shine without buying a new foundation.

Once you’ve wrapped up with your foundation, you can finish with a bit of highlighter and bronzer to complete the look and you’ve now harnessed your inner J.Lo.