5 Tips to Help Your Makeup Last Longer

Iman Said, Social Media Coordinator

Summer is right around the corner and as exciting as that is, it also means that the chances that you’ll look in the mirror at 2:00 PM only to find that your makeup has melted off are imminent. If you have very oily skin this is probably a daily issue that those long summer days will exacerbate. Well, whether it's the season or your skin type preventing your makeup from lasting longer, I’ve got great news because we’ve listed some amazing foolproof tips to help your makeup sustain the heat and humidity and keep the flawless canvas you worked on in check


  1. Start With A Clean Canvas

We all know the importance of cleansing at night – getting all the dirt, bacteria, and pollution off your skin before you go to bed is so essential, but we don’t often take that much precaution in the day. More often than not a simple swipe of toner is as far as we get before we start our makeup routine. But using a cleanser in the daytime is equally as important because a freshly cleaned canvas will allow all your products to sit better on the skin and not mix with any dirt/impurities left over from the night before. 

  1. Exfoliation is A Major Key 🔑

Now that we’ve cleansed our skin, exfoliation is another key part of having a long lasting canvas. Exfoliation removes all dead skin cells from the skin, whether you use a chemical exfoliator overnight or a polish twice a week – it is a very necessary step for prepping your skin for makeup. The smoother your surface (i.e, the less dead skin cells you have on your face) the more even your makeup will be applied and therefore the longer it lasts.

  1. Prime Away

Primer creates a barrier between your skincare and your makeup. Follow up your skincare routine with a primer to seal it all in and proceed with your makeup. The key with primers is choosing the right one for your skin concerns. There are primers for smoothing texture, hydration, illuminating, and colour correcting. Choose a primer based on your biggest concerns and let it tackle two of your concerns instead of solely providing long lasting benefits – this way you end up using less foundation/concealer, which is also a large contributor to your makeup wearing off early on.


  1. Pick the Right Foundation For Your Skin

A lot of the times we end up being dry, dull and flaky in the winter so we often opt for a dewy, hydrating foundation to overcompensate for the lack of moisture our skin is feeling. More often than not, you can’t actually take this foundation into the summer months because your natural glow x foundation glow will make for a very short-lived canvas with a lot of blotting papers involved. Look for something lightweight and oil free for the summer – if you need extra coverage using some concealer in places you need it instead of doubling up on more foundation.

  1. Set It All

Setting sprays are incredible for having two in one functions – many times they can set your makeup while hydrating your skin, controlling oil, or offering anti-aging benefits. Investing in a setting spray for your skin concerns will not only keep your makeup lasting longer but it will help refresh your face after spending long hours in the heat.


Use this tips and let them help you transition your makeup from spring to summer. May your faces last long and prosper!