6 Backpacking Survival Tips!

Judy Walters, Marketing Assistant, Flawless by Friday

Before boarding a 9-hour plane with my best friend I was blinded by my excitement, causing me to forget some essentials for any big trip. While my trip had some bumps in the road yours doesn’t have to! This list will outline the 6 must haves to avoid any travel mishaps (skin and all!) 

  1. Bring your Flawless in Friday face masks (DUH!) 

Planes always cause my skin to dry up, especially my lips. While I remembered my Honey & Gold Lip Serum (cause I would be crazy to ever leave the house without it) I forgot my Mesmereyes under eye masks - a mistake I’ll never make again. I bought some impromptu moisturizer, however nothing helps refresh my skin like the under-eye rescue, so I wasn’t off to my absolute best start. 

  1. Have an extra pair of flip-flops… because something is bound to happen to yours

A classic mistake. Only so much room in the backpack, so you don’t take into account that shoes, especially flip-flops, break. And no one should (ever) shower in a hostel with out flip-flops, so you’re in for a rude awakening without your backup pair!


I left on my trip with only a carry on backpack, assuming I would buy my favourite sunscreen upon arrival in Athens, Greece. MISTAKE #3. Bring your favourite sunscreen with you because everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to cosmetic products, after all this is your skin, it’s with you for life!

  1. Cleansing wipes. 

I’ve never really struggled with problem skin (thankfully) however mix in a 25 pound backpack, some nylons, and 45 degree weather... my shoulders were not very happy. Having a quick wipe for after or before a big day of heavy lifting will help keep your skin clean and FLAWLESS, for when you arrive home and want to show off that golden tan!

  1. Adapters and Chargers

While not every backpacker chooses to be virtually attached throughout their trip, I obviously wanted to document mine. Adapters are different all through out the world but if I can give you one piece of advice it is make sure you have an adaptor that uses a plug and a USB cause nothing is worse then loosing your travel buddy on a night out in a foreign place, without a charged phone, map, translator and basically everything you need at the tip of your fingers, so pack the correct chargers!

  1. Travel journal 

Soooo at first I struggled with taking my travel journal seriously. However, by the end of my trip it was so nice to have something to look back on and record the many memories you will make. As well, it is important to take some time to yourself when you travel with friends so writing for 10 minutes to an hour every few days (in the beautiful places your bound to be seeing) can prove to be quite enjoyable and therapeutic. Journaling isn’t for everyone, but if you open yourself up to the idea of it, writing can truly add to your trip and make sure you don’t forget one second of all your crazy experiences. 

Last but not least, enjoy your trip because it goes by at the blink of an eye. Mistakes will be made and things will be forgotten but your memories will last forever so keep your eyes up, mind open and enjoy the ride.