Change is Good

By Stephanie Drew, Public Relations Director 

It doesn’t matter how many people tell you change is good - it doesn’t make it any less scary. Especially the big life changes like moves, careers changes, relationships ending and starting etc. Even though I have always been known as a pretty go-with-flow kind of girl, at this point in my life (Late 20s! - WHAT?!), I have recently noticed being more firm when it comes to things I like, things I dislike, ways I like to do things and routines. But then there is always that plot twist that life throws you out of nowhere that we all need to be ready for - that happened to me this year. Once I realized that there is really only so much you can plan and that change is inevitable, I started to embrace new chapters and focus on becoming the best possible me. 

In January of 2016, I had recently moved from the suburbs to the city and was working on the PR team at one of the world’s most successful entertainment companies. I was single and loving every aspect of exploring Toronto’s nightlife and restaurants while trying to figure out my career path and establishing a professional network. As the year went on, I was starting to realize that age really is only a number and just because I was in my mid 20s, my growth and career opportunities were not going to be determined by anyone other than myself - I was capable of more. I knew by October I was going to have some big decisions to make. I loved the company, I loved my colleagues, but I felt my full potential wasn’t being challenged. Being simply satisfied with my role and growth was not an option. 

I decided that I needed to take a risk. I decided to leave my job. My first ever “real” job out of school. The only professional team I had known and colleagues that had become some of my closest friends. When they say “go with your gut”, this is the feeling they are talking about. I knew it was time to move on. And so, without another job (other than woking for my dad), I handed in my two weeks notice. Even though this was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve made, I knew that by quitting and giving myself time, I would be able to channel my passions and skills to find something that was perfect. A role that challenges me, a role that sees my potential, and a role that respects dedicated people with a great work ethic. 

That’s when I emailed our Flawless founder Brittny. Brittny and I went to University together and have a ton of mutual friends. I knew she had worked at one of the world’s top beauty companies and had taken a leap of faith to go out on her own to follow her dreams. I asked to sit down with her just to chat about my decision and the feeling of fear and doubt I was experiencing. By chance, Brittny was looking for someone to handle PR for Flawless by Friday that week. We both looked at it as a sign. Although I had never worked in the beauty industry, as someone who has struggled with their skin in the past, I had always been interested in different skin care products. Just like that everything about my decision made sense. My doubt and fear instantly vanished. I knew that with willingness and dedication, anything was possible. I knew that I would be put in situations where I didn’t know the answers, but I was willing to learn and was willing to work hard, and really that's all that matters. 

I have never felt more at peace with the direction of my career. I am working on incredible projects, developing my skills, and learning more than I ever thought possible. If I could offer one piece of advice - know what you want, and don’t wait for anyone to get it for you. Maybe the unsettling feeling of change and fear is exactly what you need.