#FlawlessMyWay - Judy Walters

What makes me flawless are my flaws. The desire to be indistinguishable to my peers used to be something that I constantly sought after in order to feel comfortable and “normal.” Not until the pressure of normalcy subsided was I able to recognize that being unique isn’t something to run away from, but rather to embrace. Is it weird that I like to step onto a plane with my right foot? Yes. Is it weird that I only cut my fruit and won’t bite into it? - yes. However, I have learned that my quirk’s add to who I am as an individual and are not something to be ashamed of. I no longer have the desire to camouflage into the boring conception of indistinction because, for me, it is my perfect imperfections that make me who I am; therefore, I am flawless because I am weird and whoever doesn’t like, well... they can deal with it! #FlawlessMyWay

- Judy