How to Stay Sane as a #GirlBoss

By Brittny Robins, Founder & CEO

1) Tunnel vision – Try not to let competition discourage you. It’s tough to be surrounded by superstar brands with big budgets. Stay focused on your own goals and look at competition as encouragement that you’re on the right track.

2) Don't lie to yourself with can't - It’s like telling yourself you can't build Ikea furniture. It seems impossible until you’re the only one there to do it. Do it. 

3) Watch stupid TV/movies - The Bachelor, holiday movies, or stand-up comedy (anything where you can turn your brain off).   

4) Trust the people you work with – This is so important.  If you try to do everything yourself and don’t rely on the talent of the people you’ve surrounded yourself with, burnout is inevitable. 

 5) Come to terms with embarrassing yourself – Losing sleep over putting yourself out there won’t really get you anywhere.  Be okay with what anyone may think about your business positive or negative.  Care more about what you think than about what anyone else might.  To be clear… get over it… and don’t forget to sleep!