My First Big Girl Day Trip

by Brittny Robins, Founder & CEO

I got on a plane in heels!  Anybody, who ever says that heels are comfortable is a big fat liar.  I have always been awful in heels, constantly getting made fun of by my sisters for wearing what they call "grandma heels" to find any level of comfort.  But…I got on a plane in heels.

That's how nervous I was.  I wanted to look perfect from the first minute of my day trip to New York City to my last.  Obviously this was a huge mistake as I had 3 band aids on by the time I reached Laguardia.

My friends thought it was so grown up that I was getting on a flight for a meeting where I would be there less than 24 hours.  I'm not going to lie, it sounded cool even to me but the truth was I was totally terrified.  This was my first meeting with a U.S retailer and I couldn't shake the feeling that somehow I was going to screw it up.

I arrived at my meeting over an hour early at the Lord and Taylor head office.  Right below was the flagship 5th Avenue store.  I decided to browse the store while I had some time to kill and envision what my brand could look like inside.  Going early was probably a mistake because as I passed by mirrors in the store all I could think about was how unhappy I was with how I looked (my make up had started to fade since that morning and my outfit somehow didn't seem to fit properly even though I had spent hours planning it).  So I did what any mild to moderately neurotic person would do…I bought a new outfit.  As time was ticking away I was trying on things in front of the sales woman and choosing my outfit for a meeting that was just about to happen.  When I finally settled on one (high waisted navy pants and a white slightly cropped dress shirt) I had the sales woman cut the security tags right off my body, put my original outfit in a lord and Taylor bag and went to head out the door with 15 minutes to spare.

On my way out the door I caught a glimpse of my face.  My make up was a mess.  I ran to a make up counter and the woman clearly taking pity on my nervous state agreed to touch me up free of charge.  I walked into the meeting 1 minute early, took a deep breath and acted as if I had basically rolled out of bed that "flawless".  This goes to show that behind the scenes life can be a completely rushed mess of changed minds and outfit changes.  At the end of the day holding your head up and feeling confident about how you're put together really gets across a self assuredness that will have others thinking you have it together too (when really I don't think any of us do).

So even though that day I faked my flawless, by the end of the meeting I believed it (and thankfully so did the buyers!)