Judy Walters, Flawless Intern 

            As a first year student at Queens University this year came with a billion changes, at a billion miles an hour. Going away to school I felt confident, insecure, excited, nervous… the list goes on but all of these emotions fluttered away once finishing my first year finals and coming home. I was devastated… just as I became comfortable in my new home in Kingston Ontario I would be leaving for four months. First year taught me a lot of things like how to pass a course without going to a single lecture… or how to live with 20 girls and one shower, but most importantly I learnt to enter the unknown with excitement - rather than fear.

            The next chapter of my ‘year of new was being in the city for the summer. I was lucky enough to score a job with Flawless By Friday but again I found myself getting nervous at the unknown that lay ahead of me. Catching myself in the same mindset I had going into first year, I quickly re-directed my thoughts.

            I woke up at 730am - Monday May 1st - work started in 2.5 hours. I (quickly) worked out, showered, and went to go get changed. Just to put this in perspective, Im usually a jeans a t-shirt kinda girl… but I was determined to reinvent my style for the summer, I would no longer be considered a tomboy. I put on my sundress, jean jacket and cute new shoes I got specifically for work, walked downstairs and made myself breakfast. As I stepped outside to walk to the subway I basically took a second shower. Of course its raining. I ran back up to my closet, star ed at my cluttered drawers aimlessly looking for something, anything, other then jeans and a T-shirt. I wasn't prepared for this kind of weather but how could I forget rain existed - I don't know - but I did. After twenty minutes of ripping through my closet I decided on jeans.. a T-shirt.. and my `beaten up white converse. I spent the entire subway ride rethinking my outfit, adding to the butterflies in my stomach. I got off the subway took a deep breath and headed into my new office.

            I squeaked open the door, unsure of what to expect but was quickly greeted by a team of enthusiastic, friendly girls. The office was white and gold with one big table smack in the middle. It looked as if I was entering an Instagram post. I quickly felt a foolish smile appear on my face and as I looked around. Not 1.. not 2.. but nearly EVERYONE was in jeans and some alteration of a T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater. My hair was all messed up from the rain - so was everyone else’s. My white converse soaked - so was everyone else’s. My smile growing larger - so was everyone else’s.

            My first day at Flawless was far from Flawless but that’s what made it so perfect. My next four months are sure to be filled with lots of emails, laughs and (hopefully) free samples, but most importantly the unknown - and I couldn't be more excited.