My Valentine(s)

By Brittny Robins, Founder & CEO

For a hot minute, I thought about writing this post about my long distance boyfriend who is a constant sounding board for me (even though he has a heavy accent and I can only understand about 72% of what he says!).  Then I started to feel like when it comes to my journey with Flawless, and thinking about this time of year which is centred around love, I thought about my parents. I thought about my dad who for my entire life has encouraged me to ignore the norm and look at the concept of impossible not as something that is not able to be achieved, but as a challenge for something new.  I thought about my mom who has given me the courage to stare people in the face who have told me can’t and to be bigger/taller/greater than that doubt. 

However, I finally decided to focus on 2 people whose love and support changed everything for me at a very crucial time.  Brooky and Hartley – These are my grandparents now 80 and 85 respectively.  See, when I quit my full time job I was a WRECK.  I had no money, no paying job (obviously) and no real plan for how I would grow my company.  My grandparents invited me to live with them.  I moved into their basement into a single bed (a trundle bed I might add) for 6 months.  I felt like I had lost all of my independence in an instant.  However, they not only made me feel like their house was my house – they made me feel like every second I was there was a gift to them. 

I’ve always been a little lost when it came to the concept of unconditional love in my romantic relationships, but with Brooky and Hartley it was crystal clear - always.  Every day when I got home from working in a coffee shop, showing up at people’s offices to get a meeting when I couldn’t get an email or phone call back, or some other discouraging attempt at moving my business forward, they were sitting there ready to ask me questions and give me advice while putting a positive spin on everything I was going through.

My Valentine’s day point is this – you don’t have to have a romantic relationship or be “in love” to be successful. I believe that many people that are “in love” aren’t as successful because their romantic relationship (if it’s the wrong one) can zap them of their energy that could be put towards professional success.  “Being loved” can be just as, if not even more powerful.  Don’t ever change yourself for that “in love” relationship because those who love you unconditionally (your own version of Brooky and Hartley) can make all the difference.