Want A Healthier Lifestyle? Here’s How to Cut Corners Part 2! ✨

Nina Sjlivo, Copywriter, Flawless By Friday

Now that you’ve got the jump rope and hot baths down on a regular basis, we suggest you add these to your life. Part 2 coming your way…right now:

  1. Buy a medicine ball + resistant bands: The only small pieces of equipment you need in order to work out at home. Both are great when doing squats and strength training. An alternative to the medicine ball are dumbbells and if you’re really not down to purchase either of those then grab a bag of flour (if it’s a reasonable weight)…and no, I’m not kidding…my trainer actually suggested this.
  2. Add these in your smoothie: By now you probably know how great and nutritious smoothies are for you. But some ingredients are often overlooked and shoved aside next to frozen fruits and your standard veggies (cough cough kale and spinach). There are so many other nutritious things you can sneak into your smoothie that you simply can’t swallow having alone. Here are a few things I add to boost my smoothie: honey, fresh mint, chia seeds, flax seeds, celery, half of a lemon - freshly squeezed and even substituting regular water for coconut water. Elevate your smoothie to new levels.
  3. Stretch: Most of us have 9-5 jobs where we sit at our desks for 98% of the time. You already know how terrible this is for your body. Get up as often as you can, stretch out your back and shoulders, lift your arms above your head, reach for the sky, make circular motions with your ankles, neck and wrists even when you’re sitting down, stand on your commute back, take the stairs to grab lunch - enough sitting and being static! Keep yourself moving throughout the day or else the consequences will be huge in the long run.
  4. Water: In my opinion, the king of health. Have a bottle of water with you, ALWAYS. Drinking water is good for a number of reasons: it keeps your skin hydrated and healthy, increases energy levels, aids in weight loss, great for removal of toxins and finally, it’s the key player in boosting your immune system and overall health. It’s the easiest path to feeling good.
  5. Knock out carbs and sugars: This is the tough one I was talking about in my introduction. I try to decrease carb and sugar intake from Monday to Friday. It is hard - no sugarcoating here (no pun intended). Stick to good proteins, healthy fats and colourful veggies and fruits. It’s like a mini “Mediterranean diet” detox every week. Give your body a break from anything starchy, fatty, greasy and ultra sweet.
  6. BONUS: Enjoy your food: Do you know why Parisians take 3 hours to eat their dinner? It’s because they’re thoroughly enjoying their meal. They eat and laugh and talk and sip on wine and enjoy their surroundings and company. My impatience was evident in their company…but eventually it ended up being the greatest lesson I learned that summer in France. My rules for food are simple: be kind to your body, everything in moderation and know that it’s okay to indulge from time to time - don’t feel guilty, just be mindful and most importantly, take your time and enjoy your food - which I know is difficult to do in fast paced cities, just try. 

And there you go. Easy peasy! Cutting corners to feeling and looking flawless :)